Investing in the Future Hotel Experience

Inspired by Hospitality Technology All the talk about “future” technology and “future” hotel rooms has everyone wondering what exactly is going to happen and how is it going to impact our brand. Technology is making it easier than ever to interact with guests. Brands are starting to release that every guest is different which requires … Read more

Why Hoteliers Should Focus on Internet Services More than Ever

It’s no secret, almost everyone uses the internet at some point every day. In fact, internet usage among the hotel guest demographic of 18-64 year-olds averaged 94 percent. Of this group, most are either constantly accessing the internet or at least doing so on a daily basis, according to Just what is driving this … Read more

HT-NEXT: 5 Sessions We’re Looking Forward To

HT-NEXT, the HTNG’s Conference focusing on Authentic Innovation kicks-off on April 8th in New Orleans. Cutting-edge, visionary hoteliers will lead discussions over this three-day event.  Technologies to drive business strategy while extending only the highest in guest services and amenities are the topics of focus. As WCI heads to the Big Easy, we are most … Read more

Proud Approved Supplier of GRE to Over 1,800 Marriott Hotels

For over 40 years, World Cinema has been partnered with Marriott to provide the premiere technology to over 1,800 properties and growing. Together the goal is to experience the latest innovation in 4K, HD, Casting and Streaming from the industry’s leading technology provider. Providing properties GRE services to the new Marriott Standards is top priority. … Read more