How Hotel Technology Enhances Hospitality

Now more than ever, hotels are becoming more technologically savvy. Guests want safety, and mitigating personal contact is a large part of that. An increasing number of hotels are implementing technology to boost their efficiency, but some are worried that the guest experience will suffer as a result. Technology automatically brings visions of cold and … Read more

The Impact of 5G Technology on Hotels

The tech industry has been buzzing as the rollout of 5G mobile broadband, the successor of 4G LTE, begins to expand across certain cities. A full transition from 4G is unlikely in the near future as the new technology will take years to completely sweep over the world, however it is important for hotels to … Read more

Contactless Guest Experience Through World Cinema

The hotel industry will see immense change in a post-pandemic world. As guests begin to venture outside of their homes to vacation or travel for work, they will need plenty of reassurance about the safety of their stay.  The industry is already streamlining their sanitization methods, providing hand sanitizer for guests, reducing interaction by limiting … Read more