Your Hotel in 2022

As hotels come back on-line, some of them with new owners, they will need to re-establish themselves as leaders in the hotel experience. Technology should be at the heart of those design and operational decisions. World Cinema can help prepare your hotel in 2022. Wireless Internet The hotel of 2022 is going to be more than just … Read more

Provide the Right Experience For Your Hotel Guests

The travel industry is dominated by customer service and guest satisfaction. As a guest demands growth in the deliverance of amenities, technologies and enhancements, so does the complexity of delivering an experience they’ll be happy with. Providing guests with in-room digital experiences is a must. Times are changing and the guests’ demand is as well. … Read more

Let’s Go There

When the Time is Right, We’ll be Ready. The coronavirus pandemic has shifted the life of every American, upending all normalcy—and from a business perspective, the travel industry has been one of the hardest hit. The latest travel data reflects the dire situation our industry continues to face, but it is our day-to-day realities that underscore the … Read more