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Innovation and Service Abound:
Our Best Buy Business Partnership

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To meet the demands of today's discerning travelers, hoteliers must provide an in-room entertainment experience that at least equals – and hopefully surpasses – the experience guests can have in their own homes. Therefore, with the Best Buy Business-WCI partnership, meeting that goal is more achievable than ever. When hoteliers partner with Best Buy Business

Why Hoteliers Should Focus on
Internet Services More than Ever

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It’s no secret, almost everyone uses the internet at some point every day. In fact, internet usage among the hotel guest demographic of 18-64 year-olds averaged 94 percent. Of this group, most are either constantly accessing the internet or at least doing so on a daily basis, according to Statista.com Just what is driving this

Millennials Bring a New Edge
to In-Room Entertainment

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Some days it may seem like it's the millennials' world and we're all just living in it. Well, there are reasons for that. Since 2016 millennials have been the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, according to an analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data conducted by the Pew Research Center. Also, they are projected

Casting: What the future holds

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Everywhere we go these days, it seems a smartphone app is somehow there to help out. TV isn’t dead, it is being reinvented.  Phone-to-TV casting and online streaming services are changing the game on how we choose to consume televised entertainment. With the emergence of smart TVs, smartphone apps and a generational preference for digital

Tips for Future-proofing Your In-Room Entertainment

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Future proofing is a term that might be new to a lot of people. The concept first originated because technology advances so quickly. Tech companies need a way to protect themselves from rolling technology out that will be outdated in the future. In essence, it’s about building a preserving technology that can almost predict future