How a Hotel Stay Can Make for the Best Valentine’s Day Ever

It’s not cliché to want to spend an amazing evening with the one you love on Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect time to show that special someone how much you care. And even though Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year, consider treating your sweetheart to an overnight stay in a luxury hotel. It could be the much-needed mid-week break you both need.

Consider the following:

Romantic packages. Imagine just getting off of work and not having to head home to cook or deal with laundry or homework. Pamper yourself and your partner with everything from a romantic candlelit dinner in the hotel restaurant to the delivery of chocolate-dipped strawberries, ice-cold champagne and soothing bubble bath.

Sneak Away. If you can steal away from the everyday stresses of life for a few days to celebrate the lover’s day, consider a getaway. Maybe it is a bucket list trip or one geared toward their love nature or relaxation, there are so many different opportunities to take adventures together. Here are some great destinations you may want to consider.

Breakfast in bed. Why does Valentine’s Day have to only be one day? Extend it to the next morning with breakfast in bed. And guys, there’s no easier way to make that happen than by calling room service. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you don’t have to worry about overcooking those eggs or having to do the dishes.

Spa time. There’s probably no better way to get away from the everyday grind and recharge than with a massage or facial. So go ahead, in the immortal words of Tom and Donna from “Parks & Recreation,” “treat yo self.”

A chance to leave the kids at home. ‘Nuff said.

A change of scenery. Again, ’nuff said.

#Netflix and …. With more hotels allowing guests to access their apps like Netflix and Pandora on their in-room entertainment systems via 4k casting and streaming, you can still have easy access to all the shows and music you want to binge on. So, grab the hotel robe, order some room service, curl up on the bed and #Netflix and….

Take a dip. Sometimes a dip in a luxury heated pool followed by a steam or a stop in the hot tub can be the ultimate in relaxation and pampering.

A chance to leave the kids at home. This one bears repeating.

The memories. Sure Valentine’s Day is only 24 hours, but the memories of time spent with your loved one in a romantic setting will last a lifetime.

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