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Innovation isn’t enough. We strive for Reliable Innovation.

We work in the tech industry, so innovation is a way of life for all of us. We brainstorm, research, read, develop, build, test and implement. There’s so much pressure to be the first to roll out a ground breaking new feature. But what happens when that ground-breaking feature doesn’t work? Or it isn’t a comprehensive solution?

Innovation for the sake of innovation usually doesn’t help the masses. The focus of reliable innovation should be to solve problems that are happening today and to think about future technologies and how to avoid problems with new features in the future.

According to the article, “The 5 requirements of a Truly Innovative Company,”  Innovative methods need to also evolve and be pushed outside of traditional boundaries. “No single innovation tool or method will deliver consistent, profitable breakthroughs, and neither will a hodgepodge of misaligned or poorly integrated practices. It takes a systematic approach to build a systemic capability…”

The article goes on to say that employees must be taught to think in an innovative way. It is not a naturally occurring thing in most individuals, but can be fostered through training and environment.

Here are 4 key takeaways from the article on how a company can create a work environment that fosters innovative thinking:

  1. Challenge your employees to think outside the box. As a group of people work together and on the same projects over time, their thought processes start to merge. Innovative thinkers will challenge a traditional thought process and push to find alternative solutions.
  2. Look for microtrends. You don’t to see the future, but you should be able to notice the small, seemingly inconsequential changes that are happening in your industry and capitalize on them.
  3. Shift your perspective from what your company does, to what your company has. An organization can pride itself on an unparalleled product or service. But when digging deeper, they could find that its true value is held in the skills and aptitude of its employees and internal processes, culture and organization. With those skills, multiple products or services could be developed.
  4. Use your intuition. Clients don’t necessarily know how to express their needs in a way that we can easily understand. But if you observe client behavior and trends over time, you might see places where your organization is unintentionally making things more difficult for your client. Take note and innovate!

At World Cinema Inc., we strive for reliable innovation. We don’t innovate until we are sure the technology will work and be used well into the future. Because of this commitment, we were able to be the first, or among the first to:

  • Incorporate HD programming into hotels
  • Implement proactive end-to-end system monitoring
  • Made it possible for guests to cast from their mobile devices to the TV screen
  • Put trendy personal streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, on hotel TV screens

We drive the entertainment revolution because we think about innovation in a different way. It’s not about what’s hot and what’s next. It’s about what works.