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Our Favorite Concierge Apps in Hospitality

While the hotel industry is an ever growing staple in today’s travel, the way to remain successful is to be able to attract guests and provide quality service.

You may be thinking, “What is a concierge app?” They are mobile apps that provide services from the comfort of the hotel room and smartphone.

Some of the ever evolving apps today are

  • Hilton Honors- This app belongs to the world-renowned hotel chain Hilton. Apart from basic features a hotel app usually includes, this one has a concierge component. Guest can use it throughout their stay for contacting hotel staff, unlocking their doors, or ordering extra pillows or drinks. They can also ask for directions and weather forecasts. The app also has a room service requests feature. Hilton Honors can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for free.
  • Conrad Concierge– One more great concierge app is Conrad Concierge. With a help of this app, users can search for hotels of the Conrad Hotel and Resorts chain. They can book a stay, modify their reservations, enjoy a rich variety of concierge services. The list of possible requests includes but isn’t limited to room service, food delivery, and wake-up calls. The app can get synchronized with the above-mentioned Hilton Honors to redeem reward points.
  • Marriott Hotels- Guests of Marriott Hotels can enjoy a quality in-phone concierge service thanks to a special feature of the hotel chain’s app. Users of this app can connect with more than 500 Marriott hotels around the globe and request amenities or services even before they arrive. The concierge app works in two ways. Those who prefer communication with real people can choose ‘Anything Else’ button and request services they’d like. However, there is also a drop-down menu allowing users to choose among the most popular requests like extra towels, wake-up call, or food and drinks delivery.
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel and Resorts- Although this app is not about concierge service only, it’s one of the app’s most meaningful and frequently used features. Inside of this app, guests of Ritz-Carlton can request a shoeshine, fresh towels delivery, or valet service. What’s more, they can get curated recommendations for spa and local attractions, dining, as well as upcoming hotel events.

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WorldVue® does all of this.

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