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Product spotlight: A look at the LG STB-6500

As travelers return to hotels, the in-room entertainment experience continues to be a top priority for guests, and evolving technology is making it easier for hotels to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. One of the best ways WCI customers can deliver applications that help optimize the in-room experience is through Pro:Centric®smart set top boxes from LG Business Solutions.

As a longtime LG system integrator, WCI currently uses over 340,000 set top boxes for customers nationwide to deploy WCI’s WorldVue platform. WorldVue is a fully customizable platform that gives guests the most innovative technology and entertainment services available through the support of LG’s set top boxes.

“LG is known for being the Gold Standard when it comes to in-room technology products,” said Nick Jones, chief operating officer and executive vice president of WCI. “We are able to use their hardware straight out of the box without any updates or special considerations during installation. This along with their superior support make for a seamless partnership.”   

The STB-6500 is LG’s latest generation set-top-box that gives WCI customers even more options when it comes to in-room entertainment. Here’s why WCI chose LG as a trusted partner and how utilizing the new STB-6500 along with WCI’s WorldVue solution can benefit your hotel and guests.

New features

While keeping the same enclosure design as the previous 5500, the STB-6500 boasts a complete platform refresh that promises even better performance and more memory. The STB-6500 also comes with the webOS 5.0 smart platform that supports faster apps and games. This allows WCI to deliver a wide range of custom applications tailored to the needs of hoteliers and guests through the WorldVue platform.

“The 6500 comes with an upgradeable web engine infrastructure that benefits system integrators like WCI as their application can take advantage of new browser features as they are made available on the set top box,” said Chris Barton, national account manager at LG Business Solutions USA.

Another notable new feature includes significant changes to the way smart apps are launched. System integrators will now receive their own token ID that identifies them to LGE’s content deployment server, which is used to confirm that the system integrator is approved to launch the application. By upgrading to the STB-6500, applications like Netflix and Prime Video can be downloaded independently rather than having to update the whole software system, saving significant time and bandwidth. 

Benefits for hotels

Utilizing the WorldVue platform and the new STB-6500 gives WCI customers the ability to create a consistent in-room experience throughout their property and even across multiple locations. These set top boxes can be installed anywhere on the property to ensure the user experience is the same throughout the entire guest journey.

“We’ve seen hotels that appeal to a wide variety of clientele – anywhere from the economy side to full-service luxury – benefit from the 6500 features,” said Jones. “It’s extremely beneficial for hotels looking to create a consistent experience within their property or across multiple locations.”

The STB-6500 also helps hotels turn any existing television into a smart TV – a helpful solution for hotels who have older generation TVs but want to upgrade to new services. The STB-6500 acts as a Pro:Idiom endpoint for TVs that are typically seen in a free-to-guest environment. The new software system in the STB-6500 can also adjust to varying screen sizes and resolutions to accommodate a wide range of TVs across your property or multiple locations.  

Benefits for guests

With constantly changing guest habits, the LG Pro:Centric® Smart STB-6500 allows properties to continually meet the needs of guests when it comes to in-room entertainment. In addition to supporting faster applications and games, the STB-6500 also gives guests the ability to watch their favorite content while appealing to range of personal guest preferences.

“What’s great for WCI customers is that the 6500 supports embedded apps, and it can also integrate with casting technology,” said Jones. “Certain demographics prefer to cast directly from their phone while others prefer to log-in on the TV – this gives our customers the opportunity to appeal to all guest preferences.”

Guests can watch their favorite content in 4k Ultra HD resolution, four times higher than that of full HD, giving guests a more realistic and immersive viewing experience. The STB-6500 also features Bluetooth Sound Sync which allows guests to listen to music from their personal device through the TV via Bluetooth connection.

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