Professional Services

Our Houston-based call center is focused on listening to and answering our customers’ everyday needs 24/7/365.

Our Client Success Team

WCI understands the daily struggles our customers have. Each WCI property will now have a dedicated customer success manager, to aid in those everyday needs.

  • Help customers receive value quickly by managing product implementation and on-boarding
  • Establish the customer’s clear goals and milestones to help them achieve through our products and services
  • Generate and share educational resources, trainings, and best practices
  • Synthesize customer feedback and work with internal teams to respond to customer needs
  • Be the customer’s trusted partner


World Cinema provides reliable technicians available within a 60-minute relation of every property.

World Cinema has access and a sustainable partnership with over 5,000 Best Buy Business and Geek Squad agents to provide properties with a seamless installation.

World Cinema provides a group of platinum level installers to the elite group.