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Tips for Future-proofing Your In-Room Entertainment

Future proofing is a term that might be new to a lot of people. The concept first originated because technology advances so quickly. Tech companies need a way to protect themselves from rolling technology out that will be outdated in the future. In essence, it’s about building a preserving technology that can almost predict future needs.

How does one predict the future?

Companies like Apple, Tesla, LG and Amazon, seem to be innovating new technologies every single day. They are delivering products, services and functionalities that have changed the landscape of how consumers live. And consumers are now craving even more.

What does that mean for in-room entertainment? Check out our tips below to ensure you won’t be outdated:

Partner with service providers who have a long-standing reputation for innovation.

There is something to be said for technologies companies who have stood the test of time. Yes, technology start-ups are changing our world and are the trendy “disrupters.” But the reality is more than 75% of venture backed start-ups fail, according to a study done by the Harvard Business School. These companies fail because they don’t have the funding to bring their product or service to market. Established companies have proven success, capital to innovate and the infrastructure in place to bring their technology to the masses.

Select products and solutions that can grow as technology needs change.

Have you ever discovered your laptop, that’s only a couple of years old, doesn’t have the right input for your newest device? Yeah, we hate that. Top technology innovators are building products today to serve the needs for tomorrow. Look for in-room entertainment equipment that features extra space to accommodate hardware and upgrades such as a cable modem for IP-over-coax installations and the capability to improve Wi-Fi connectivity for personal devices.

Watch what is happening in the consumer tech world and seek out services that are similar.

Let’s go back to Apple as the leader here. Their ability to bring applications and services to users including streaming and casting are what your future guests are now used to. So, look for ways to bring these types of services into your rooms as well.

Future-proofing is the way of the, you know, future. Everything we do has to evolve and adapt quickly, in order to keep our clients and your guests happy. From watching basic cable TV to casting your own programming from home in your hotel room. Find the technology that not only grows with you but is one step ahead of innovation.