In-Room Entertainment | Built for Scale


WorldVue is fully customizable to meet and exceed your brand’s expectations and your guests’ desires. Create and maintain the very best experience for your guests – and keep them coming back time and time again. 

Fully Interactive Guide

Customizable TV channel lineups so your guests can watch like they’re at home, bringing their guest experience and your hospitality TV system to heights.

Popular Streaming Apps

The newest Internet TV apps available to your guests. Our platform includes brand standard apps native to the STB, with future apps released at no cost to your hotel. All guest credentials are automatically cleared upon check-out.

Custom Property Menu

Each hotel has the opportunity to customize their hotel menu screen effective to what they have available to their guests. Show off your spa, restaurants, gym hours, map, amenities, and more – right from your guest’s TV screen.

Chromecast & WorldVue® Casting

Chromecast powered by WorldVue® will allow guests to use the apps on their personal devices for their viewing pleasure with a simple 3-step process. No set-top-box required – the most adaptable and convenient hotel TV network available.

Guest Room Messaging

Provide guests important property or event updates directly to their TV so they never miss a message, event, notification or update again. A truly smarter way to communicate with your guests.

View Bills & In-Room Checkout

Save time and improve your guest’s experience by allowing them to view their balance, all charges and even checkout directly from their guest room TV. No more waiting in line, no more busy check-out hours.

Alexa Voice/Smart Room

Guests can request cleaning, room service, and more from the in-room Amazon Alexa device. Voice searches through smart devices are the hospitality TV systems of the future.

In-Room Concierge

Guests can order room service, more towels or even book spa appointments or make dinner reservations right from their guest room TV. No need to pick up the phone when you have the most advanced room entertainment and hospitality technology at your fingertips.

Updated Flight Data

Updated flight information from nearby airports for the guest on the go. The ease and convenience of our flight data can take the hospitality industry to new altitudes.


Guests can take advantage of the additional features of WorldVue® such as SleepWell™ providing ambient sounds to ensure a better night’s sleep – just like home.


Allow your guests to listen to their own music wirelessly on their guest room TV through Bluetooth®.

Real-Time Weather

Real-time day-by-day and hour-by-hour weather forecasts to ensure your guest’s experience is never ruined by unexpected weather.

Benefits of WorldVue®

  • WorldVue can use many different paths to the room (Ethernet, WiFi, Cable Model) – the benefit is upgrading an in-room experience without the need to rewire your property.
  • WorldVue opens the door to the world of streaming video applications which is what guests want
  • WorldVue integrates with PMS and room controls
  • WorldVue is the hotel room’s managed gateway to digital transformation

Property Operations through WorldVue® Portal

Empowering the ability to manage your hotel in real-time and provide useful states to drive ROI. World Cinema creates the systems and technology that the hospitality industry needs.

Our WorldVue® Portal’s Drill Down Details

  • Analyze technology usage at the property or portfolio level
  • Allow greater transparency into network and system needs

Identify Network Usage Trends

  • Enhanced ability to make sure bandwidth needs are being met
  • Leverage peak usage times to better target ad campaigns

Optimized System Operations

  • Proactively address any system outages portfolio wide or filtered to site level
  • Seamless integration into PMS to view network and system needs

Classify Guest Trends

  • Easy access to key performance indicators
  • Quickly determine what services your guests use and those they don’t